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Multi channel

  • JK7000 Multiplex temperature tester
  • JK7000 Multiplex temperature tester
  • JK7000 Multiplex temperature tester
JK7000 Multiplex temperature testerJK7000 Multiplex temperature testerJK7000 Multiplex temperature tester

JK7000 Multiplex temperature tester

Detailed description
*Uses 32 RAM high speed processor, sampling speed
*Supports multiple sensor inputs, such as DC current: 4-20mA. DC voltage: 0-5V., J, K thermocouple: T, S, N, R, thermal resistance
*PT100, CU50, frequency: 0-10000Hz.
*Provides DC24V transmitter power output 1 road, can also be purchased separately output module (each module provides 8 DC24V transmitter output power)
*Modular design allows users to buy measurement modules later in order to increase test channels
*Standard 8 channel, up to 64 channels. Each module for 8 channels.
*With 7 inch large screen, support for touch operation and operation buttons at the same time.
*Mouse keyboard plug
*Support multi picture display, digital display, bar graph display, curve display
*Specific alarm function, can set the upper limit, lower limit.
*Built-in FLASH memory capacity of 64M. is calculated according to the 8 channel, the *longest record for 3 years.
*Online support external U disk storage function, convenient data download and copy
*Support 65V-240V AC power supply and DC power supply 24V (instrument for power supply)
*Support lithium battery (optional)

JK7000 multi-channel temperature recorder technical specifications

Model JK7000
Display mode 7 inch TFT LCD screen
Display form Data display, bar chart display, real-time curve display
Channel number Standard 8 channels, up to 64 channels (additional purchase, 8 channels for each module)
Module socket 8
K Type thermocouple -100~1370℃ accuracy:±0.5%+0.6℃
J Type thermocouple -100~1200℃  accuracy:±0.5%+0.6℃
T Type thermocouple -100~400℃ accuracy:±0.5%+0.5℃
N Type thermocouple 0-1300℃ accuracy:±0.5%+0.6℃
R Type thermocouple 300~1768℃ accuracy:±0.5%+0.8℃
S Type thermocouple 300~1768℃ accuracy:±0.5%+0.9℃
Humidity range 0%RH-100%RH(Need to buy humidity sensor)
PT100 Thermal resistance -200~660℃  accuracy :±0.5%+0.3℃
resolution 0.01℃
Record interval 1S-24h Can be arbitrarily set
Storage Built in 64M storage, U disk storage (U disk, you need to buy other)
Alarm function Set upper, upper, lower and lower bounds
Interface RS232
Power supply AC 65V-240V ,DC 24V Lithium battery power supply (optional)
Size 285*300*125mm(Length * width * depth)
Weight 3.4Kg

Annex list
JInko JK7000 host one
Three GB plug power line one
NAPUI 130T temperature module a
Type K thermocouple eight branch
A statement
A warranty card
A certificate


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