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Multi channel

  • JK808 Handheld Multichannel
JK808 Handheld Multichannel

JK808 Handheld Multichannel

Brief description

JK808 handheld multi-channel temperature measuring instrument controlled by the ARM microprocessor, multichannel parallel sampling test, at the same time the 8-way temperature acquisition, alarm, and communication。Compatible with a variety of temperature sensor, fast response and stable data, at the same time has broken accidentally detection function。JK808 Sampling the most advanced testing principle, make temperature test resolution to 0.1 degrees。JK808 handheld multi-channel temperature tester has extensive adaptability, support K/N/E/J/T/R/S/B type thermocouple. Test range from 200 ℃~ 1800 ℃.
JK808 has many advantages :Operation more simple, convenient, the instrument can be a very good compatibility with mass storage and powerful PC communication ability, instrument with USB interface, and provide free communication via the PC software which can easily implement data acquisition, analysis, and print.
JK808 use the strong resistance to vibration of shell so it can work under harsh environment. All digital and analog signal isolation, safe and reliable. JK808 standard USB interface, support for real-time data storage.


●TFT true color liquid crystal display, three kinds of display fonts
●Fast/mid/slow three-level scanning speed
●Cold junction compensation
●The standard USB disk interface, support mass storage devices
●The standard Mini USB interface
●Specify the channel scan
●The standard JK808 - A data acquisition software
●8.4 V lithium batteries

Applicable to household appliances, motor, electric appliance, thermal protector, thermostat, transformers, baking oven, the power supply, lighting, electric power, the LED industries such as manufacturers and quality inspection department for the test of multipoint temperature
TYPE JK808      JK804          JK802
Channel 8                4                     2
Graduation Thermo element :J/K/T/E/S/N/B
Basic Accuracy 0.2%+1℃
Measurement Range -200℃~1300℃(Test Range With Different Degree Will Be Different)
Resolution 0.1℃
Channel Number 8; Can Be Expanded To 64
Sweep Speed Fast :100ms/ Access     Mid:500ms/ Access      Slow:1s/ Access
Correction Each Channel Error Correction
Comparator Onlap And Downlap Alarm
Each Channel Separately Set  Onlap And Downlap Value
The Standard Interface U-Disk Interface
USB Communication Interface
The Standard Software JK808A Data Acquisition Software
Cold Junction Compensation Accuracy:0.5℃
Others TFT-LCD True Color Liquid Crystal Display, Broken Accidentally Detection
Power Requirement Input:100-240V ~ 50/60Hz 0.35A
Output:9V 1A DC      8.4V, Li, 2200mah Rechargeable Battery
Accessory T Thermocouple Eight (2 M/A)      DC Power Supply Units       Carrying Case
Lithium Battery     Mini-USB Communication Cable
Data Acquisition Software
4G U Disk 1


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